About Us

The Black Waltz Free Company

Established in August 2014 on the Gilgamesh server, The Black Waltz Free Company was started by a small group of friends that wanted a safe and positive environment where they could play Final Fantasy XIV together.

Within a few short weeks, the foundation of positivity began to spread via word-of-mouth, drawing-in several more players who wanted to be a part of the magic. Unfortunately, the Gilgamesh server was overpopulated, causing the developers of the game to lock new player creation and transfers, halting the growth of The Black Waltz.

A short while later it became known that Jenova had a reputation for warmth, kindness, and compassion - the very values laid in the foundation of The Black Waltz, Thus, the entire Free Company made the decision to move from Gilgamesh to Jenova together in September 2017 to lay roots and continue to grow. 

The positive nature of our members are what make our Free Company so special and unique. We offer something that can be very difficult to find in a massive multi-player online game: a family. This overwhelming sense of belonging is what has made The Black Waltz rise to be one of the top Free Companies on Jenova since September 2018. We are an incredibly active Free Company that does a lot of things together. If you are looking for a place to belong, submit an application! 

The black waltz leadership team

Istari Xiomar


Istari started playing FFXIV when it relaunched as A Realm Reborn and fell in love with the community almost instantly! He started The Black Waltz Free Company in 2014 with the purpose of creating a safe, warm place for people to play the game. His favourite job is Black Mage and he spends most of his time helping others. If he's not helping someone, you'll find him either raiding, or doing events with his FC family.

Kellin Silverwillow


"Hi! I’m Kellin, and you’ll probably see me playing FFXIV at strange times because I live in Japan with my real-life wife, Kouya Kaji! I love how there’s always something new to try in FFXIV, and I love the throwbacks to all of the previous FF titles. I also really enjoy putting together new glamours every now and then. I don’t do much crafting or savage raiding, but if you ever have a question or need a hand with a duty, let me know!"

Diana Starborn


 Diana started FFXIV back during 4.0. Since then, she has become deeply addicted to the game and engages heavily in the XIV community. She frequently draws FFXIV fanart (many of which have been featured on the FFXIV Community Commendations Livestream!) and loves taking /gpose screenshots! If she's not fan-girling over Thancred, she's probably chatting with FC mates or crafting/gathering. She's always willing to talk and cause shenanigans, so don't be afraid to reach out! 

Yanaki Oryuusei


 "Ohh, uhh... hiya! Moshi moshi! I'm the air-headed Yanaki Oryuusei and I like food. I respond to both Yanaki & Oryuusei so you're welcome to call me either - my good friends call me Oryuu so it's okay if you call me that too! I'm in /gpose alot so I take a ton of screenshots. I'm very friendly, usually in the FC Discord voice chat so feel free to come in and talk! If you're shy - don't worry! I talk a lot so you can just join and listen - I'll talk enough for the both of us."

Mufinella Pemstein


Mufinella came to be a part of the Black Waltz when her good friend sang praises of the Free Company's close family vibe and loving community. She has come to adore the Free Company and the many monthly and weekly events that are held within - she never has a dull moment! In The Black Waltz, she has found a place to truly exhibit her caring nature and enjoys assisting her fellow FC mates in achieving their goals. 

Jurina Kurenai


 Jurina (Juri) came into Final Fantasy XIV last year and joined the FC in March 2019. This game is her first MMO and is the place where she met a warm family (The Black Waltz). Jurina is not an expert in all the classes, but she tries to make it her duty to help people when she can with the knowledge that she has; her goal is to help people accomplish their goals in game just like it is her duty to help people find a book. Jurina enjoys glamour and it is usually one of the reasons why she levels up certain classes. Nevertheless, she enjoys the company of the people in the FC!

James Rock'it


 James likes to call himself the "hardcore-casual" player. He developed a strong love for FFXIV back in ARR 2.2 with his beautiful wife, Jesse Roll'it and has visited Eorzea almost every day since then. He enjoys crafting, leveling, and spending time with his wonderful Waltz Family. His favorite thing about FFXIV is how every day is a new adventure with many fantastic people.

Brock Hampton


 Hello, I'm Brock Hampton. I started playing FFXIV in 2015 on Primal but transferred to Jenova during Stormblood and have been hooked since. You'll most likely find me in /gpose for hours on end but my other favorite activities include treasure map parties, decorating my house and the occasional savage raid. Feel free to send me a message in game or on Discord if you ever need a hand with anything! 

Freya Stormfall


 Freya is a healer main at heart with a passion for Scholar! She likes to dabble in many of Eorzea’s various pastimes, from savage raiding,  dungeon crawling, gathering, to a newfound interest in crafting. She loves to relax in FFXIV with friends, and also loves to be challenged by it and learn all that she can. Feel free to say,  "Hi" and ask to run some content! 

Vhanna Minerva


Hi! I'm Vhanna, and if I'm not busy rescuing my team mates off of ledges I'm hard at work growing all kinds of crops in the yard, or re-re-re-designing my apartment! You can catch me saying, "Hello" in FC chat to people logging into the game, and running content to help out lower level players! 

Xio Eldramor


 Xio started FFXIV between patch 2.5-3.0. Back then, he was distant towards other players and couldn't find himself a real home. After taking a 2-year long break towards the end of Stormblood, Xio came across The Black Waltz. Overwhelmed with curiosity, he joined them! Since then, he has become apart of a warm and humble family and is always willing to help wherever he is needed! 

Washu Masaki


Washu is among one of our longest continuing FFXIV players, starting back as an Alpha Tester of the original FFXIV in early 2010.  Since the game was announced in 2009 Washu dreamed of one day playing the Viera race and was happy to hear it was coming with Shadowbringers!  Washu considers himself a jack-of-all-trades, keeping one class of each role active and geared to assist others with, but admits his favorites to play are Paladin, Dancer, Blue Mage, and the crafting class Goldsmith. He has been with The Black Waltz since September 2018.

Sumi Rain


Sumi has been playing FFXIV for several years and joined The Black Waltz in November of 2017, shortly after the Free Company moved to Jenova from Gilgamesh. If you're looking for Sumi, he is constantly reaching out to new players and low-level Free Company mates to check up on them. If he's in a city, you'll find him reaching out to those without a  home, trying to give them a family. 

Aida Eden


 "FFXIV is my first and only MMO; I started playing in November 2017 and joined Black Waltz shortly after. Everyone was so warm and friendly and I immediately knew that I found a home. I am proud to have witnessed and play a part of our family’s growth to what we are today! My favorite part of the game is all the friendships I have made, and I also enjoy making gils since I am a housing enthusiast. If you ever need any help with crafting or would like an opinion or some help with decorations - or have any questions - please feel free to reach out!"

Waffer Nutella


"Hello, I'm Waffer! I love to joke about, make new friends, and chat with the FC - maybe a little too much! I'm always willing to try anything new and help out fellow FC mates. I am a glamour and housing enthusiast, so please show me your creations! You can also catch me on discord, so don't be scared to say a little hello or send me a pm!"

Juju Raven


Hello, I'm Juju Raven! I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV since 1.0 and started out as a Black Mage until the end of A Realm Reborn! Now, my main job is a healer that I use in my static and switch between Astrologian and Scholar, depending on the fight! I met Istari Xiomar in another Free Company many years ago on the Gilgamesh server and we decided to create our own space. We gathered some of our closest friends, and that was the beginning of The Black Waltz! I'm always willing to help with anything - just send me a message.