About Us

The Black Waltz Free Company

Established in August 2014 on the Gilgamesh server, The Black Waltz Free Company was started by a small group of friends that wanted a safe and positive environment where they could play Final Fantasy XIV together.

Within a few short weeks, the foundation of positivity began to spread via word-of-mouth, drawing-in several more players who wanted to be a part of the magic. Unfortunately, the Gilgamesh server was overpopulated, causing the developers of the game to lock new player creation and transfers, halting the growth of The Black Waltz.

A short while later it became known that Jenova had a reputation for warmth, kindness, and compassion - the very values laid in the foundation of The Black Waltz, Thus, the entire Free Company made the decision to move from Gilgamesh to Jenova together in September 2017 to lay roots and continue to grow. 

The positive nature of our members are what make our Free Company so special and unique. We offer something that can be very difficult to find in a massive multi-player online game: a family. This overwhelming sense of belonging is what has made The Black Waltz rise to be one of the top Free Companies on Jenova since September 2018, even holding the #1 spot from September 2018 - July 2019.





 "I've been in The Black Waltz (Waltz Fam) since November of 2018 and within the time I've been in here the Company has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Everyone is so wonderful and to be honest it left me amazed at first. These are people who legitimately care about you and all around cool peeps. I can't say enough how much I appreciate, how much I enjoy, and how much I love this Free Company and it's people." 

Asuka Wake


"I like The Black Waltz because everyone is very kind , carefree and helpful. There are always people to talk to for a casual conversation, to help with daily roulettes, or random dungeons."