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Chronicles of a Good Samaritan...

The Black Waltz was founded on a vision to create a warm, positive, and helpful community. In order to foster these core values of our Free Company, we will be seeking stories from our members of how they or others have gone above and beyond each month to help others and translating those stories into a "Good Samaritan Recognition Award" at the end of each month. This award will be given to individuals whose positive, inclusive, and helpful nature reflects the values we hold dear and who helps others unselfishly. 

Leading up to the end of the month, Free Company Members will be asked to submit a story or example of someone who has truly been a "Good Samaritan." These "Good Samaritan Chronicles" could be from something you have done for another member, another member has done for you, or something you have heard or witnessed members have done for each other. Additionally, these stories could be of a member in our Free Company that has done something nice for another player anywhere in the game. We have many members in our Free Company that like to help others, so submitting multiple stories is encouraged! 

At the end of the month, the stories will be compiled and the person or individuals whose actions within these stories reflects the values of our Free Company the most will receive the "Good Samaritan Award." This award includes a "Thank You" gift from the Free Company Leadership Team for being a positive inspiration to others.

Due to the amount of stories we receive on a month-to-month basis, multiple members can receive this award monthly if their actions are deserving. 


november 2019 good samaritan


Koumon Mito

 "Every time I have a request for crafting, Koumon is one of the first people I always see offering to help." 

 "On numerous occasions, I have seen Koumon giving his time to people by crafting things for them." 

"I saw someone in FC chat say that they were working on getting enough materials for an item to be crafted. Koumon made them item for them with extra materials that he had."

"He is quiet sometimes in FC chat, but when he starts to talk it's always positive and welcoming. He's such a nice person and he adds to the kindness of our FC."

"If you need something crafted, reach out to Koumon! He's super nice and makes the items as quick as he can. He's definitely an asset to our little family."

December 2019 good samaritan story submission

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The Black Waltz Good Samaritan Award