Good Samaritan Recognition Award

Chronicles of a Good Samaritan...

The Black Waltz was founded on a vision to create a warm, positive, and helpful community. In order to foster these core values of our Free Company, we will be seeking stories from our members of how they or others have gone above and beyond each month to help others and translating those stories into a "Good Samaritan Recognition Award" at the end of each month. This award will be given to individuals whose positive, inclusive, and helpful nature reflects the values we hold dear and who helps others unselfishly. 

Leading up to the end of the month, Free Company Members will be asked to submit a story or example of someone who has truly been a "Good Samaritan." These "Good Samaritan Chronicles" could be from something you have done for another member, another member has done for you, or something you have heard or witnessed members have done for each other. Additionally, these stories could be of a member in our Free Company that has done something nice for another player anywhere in the game. We have many members in our Free Company that like to help others, so submitting multiple stories is encouraged! 

At the end of the month, the stories will be compiled and the person or individuals whose actions within these stories reflects the values of our Free Company the most will receive the "Good Samaritan Award." This award includes a "Thank You" gift from the Free Company Leadership Team for being a positive inspiration to others.

Due to the amount of stories we receive on a month-to-month basis, multiple members can receive this award monthly if their actions are deserving. 


April 2020 good samaritan


Yuno chan

"Yuno Chan is an active member of the Free Company chat, you can often find him greeting and being a positive supporting friend to all. This individual has gone above and beyond to help others with everything they can. From helping with main story quest dungeons to helping with Savage raids parties (both in raid itself and as well as helping out as an observer and explaining mechanics), you can find Yuno volunteering to help. But wait, there’s more! Yuno takes the time to check in on various individuals to make sure they are doing alright, via tells or through Discord."

 "I want to nominate Yuno Chan as our Good Samaritan because he is just a bundle of warmth and light in our FC, especially when people are in need.

He is always making himself available to give advice to others and is overwhelmingly generous, and is great to hang around to boot. :)
His donating of so, so many parasols during our funeral procession was extremely touching and he tried his best to make sure he got them to as many people as possible, no matter the cost to himself, and this is by no means uncommon for him.
In the event he wins and sees this, I hope he will stay with us for a long time to come. He is a ray of light that is sorely needed in our world and I want him to know how much he means to people around him. Love you, Yuno!"

"I'd like to nominate Yuno Chan for April's Good Samaritan. Not only has he been a great help on a personal level (creating awesome diagrams to explain E8S mechanics for the other static), but I often see him volunteering to help run content, be it daily roulettes, alliance raids, etc. Considering how dependable he is, I'd also like to voice that I think he'd make an excellent [Leader]; he may not be the most vocal member, but whenever he hops in voice chat, it's always a chill encounter."

"If you're looking for help, you can definitely ask Yuno! He's constantly making himself available to help others. He's also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to raiding, and that's hard to find in a casual FC. Yuno passed out dozens of umbrellas during Alexius' memorial service despite the umbrellas being worth several hundreds of thousands of gil. He's such a good guy."

 "Yuno Chan has been such a positive influence in our community. He's always on and when he is, he's always talking to people, offering help for dungeons/trials, and just being a good friend. When our dear FC mate passed away, he has been such a source of kindness and support. He even bought so many parasols with his own gil (each costing 400k-500k each!) so that members would have an umbrella during the walk. He also always helps my static during raid even though he isn't part of the static. He personally draws us diagrams and charts just to help us progress faster.
Yuno is a perfect example of a Good Samaritan. I'm glad to call him a friend!"

"Yuno Chan has been an invaluable member of our FC. I am constantly seeing him offering to help people in Chat and is an overall awesome person to talk to. He has routinely checked up on people that he knows aren't having a good day, and goes out of his way to make sure you feel supported. Yuno for April's Good Samaritan, for sure!"

MAY 2020 good samaritan story submission

The Black Waltz Good Samaritan Award