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To be kind...

In order to foster the kindness, warmth, and compassion that are the core values of our Free Company, we will be announcing a special award at the end of each month called "The Good Samaritan Award." This award is given to someone to exemplifies the positive, inclusive nature of our Free Company and helps others unselfishly. 

Leading up to the end of the month, Free Company Members will be asked to submit nominations of who they believe is deserving of this award. Any nominations should include strong examples of why the individual should be the recipient. There are so many people that help each other each month, so sending in multiple nominations is perfectly acceptable. 

The person who earns this award should be the epitome of our Free Company's values. In addition to receiving the award title, the winner will be given a "Thank You" gift from the Free Company Leadership Team for being a positive inspiration to others.



Tuturaka Lalaraka


 Quotes from fellow Free Company members... 

 "No matter what kind of day I'm having, Tuturaka always seems to make it better without even trying. They are so nice and kind to everyone. It's inspiring." 

 "I would like to nominate Tuturaka for Good Samaritan. He has a positive attitude, always trying to communicate with others and I, like many others, enjoy his company." 

"Even though Tuturaka is still new to the game, they bring so much to the Free Company. I have never wanted to nominate someone so much!"  

 "If anyone deserves that Good Samaritan award, it’s definitely Tuturaka - they greet and help everyone with the greatest of enthusiasm."  

 "Logging in every day is such a great feeling when you have someone like Tuturaka surrounding you with such a positive vibe. If anyone deserves Good Samaritan this month, it's Tuturaka." 

  "Tuturaka greets members with enthusiasm, asks about their day, and has proved to be very helpful at times."  

MAY 2019 good samaritan nomination form

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The Black Waltz Good Samaritan Award