The Black Waltz Crafting Emporium


Have a need to gear yourself up? Looking to find that perfect glam? Want to send your friends a crafted gift? How about some new furnishings for your pad? Maybe you need some tips on how to hone your skills on crafting or gathering. Well, The Crafting Emporium is now open for all your crafting needs! Here at The Crafting Emporium, we specialize in helping you get exactly what you need for your adventures in Eorzea. As a member of the Black Waltz Free Company, you can take advantage of the special “FC Member Discount.” Here are the details on how you can use your FC Membership to help get some crafted items for yourself or a friend.

***All gear will be crafted High Quality unless furnishings or specifically requested for Normal Quality.


  • If you provide 100% of the required materials for a single-item craft request, your cost is FREE!
  • If no materials are provided and the materials are acquired through basic Fishing, Mining, or Botany activities, the price for the craft will be 65% of the current market value.
  • If no materials are provided and the materials are acquired via tomestone or scripts purchase, the price for the craft will be 80% of the current market value.
  • If no materials are provided and the craft requires a rare item acquired through raid or extreme primal farming, the cost will be 100% of the current market value.

Please Note: Primal weapons and items require rare drops from extreme primal fights, as well as demi-materia. For example, the Ephemereal Shinryu weapons require the Shinryu Scale drop from Shinryu Extreme. If these rare items are provided and nothing else, the price of the craft will be determined by the cost of the other materials purchased by the crafter. 


Due to the length of time required to craft large and / or difficult orders, guidelines have been set to ensure that crafters are adequately compensated for their time. For example, a full set of Level 80, i480 Neo-Ishgard Battle Gear can take upwards of two hours to make depending on how many materials are needed and provided. Crafters can choose to provide gear without compensation at their discretion; however, it should be expected by members using the program that an additional charge for the crafter's time be applied. 

  • If basic materials are provided, an additional 10,000 gil per current 3 star item requested will be added to the cost to compensate the crafter for their time (Head, Body, Pants, Boots, and Belt = 5 items x 10,000 gil)
  • If only raw materials are provided that must be turned into basic materials before they can be used for the craft, an additional 2,000 gil surcharge will be added per final item as these add additional steps to the craft and require more of the crafter's time to complete. *This only applies to current 2 or 3 star crafts where "quick crafting" is not an option.
  • If an individual requests bulk-orders a week in advance, like stacks of 99 raid food or potions, a 10,000 gil surcharge will be added to the entirety of the bulk order. Ample notice must be provided for bulk orders.


  • Glamour items require 100% of the materials from the buyer.
  • Level 1 - 70 "Levekits:" Any orders of 1 - 9 items will have a flat-rate fee of 2,500 gil added. Any orders above 10 items will have a 1,500 fee per 3 items. Example: 15 items requested = 7,500 gil.
  • Level 71 - 80 "Levekits:" Any orders of 1 - 6 items will have a flat-rate fee of 5,000 gil added. Any orders above 6 items will be 2,500 gil per 3 items. Example: 15 items will be 12,500 gil.


If you need something crafted, please send any "Comet" member of the Free Company the request via in-game Mogmail, a private message in Discord, or use the "Crafting Request" text channel that has been added to the Free Company Discord Server. Alternatively, you can submit an order using the form below. Please include in the request which item is needed and what materials you will be able to contribute.  If no materials are to be contributed, The Crafting Emporium will advise on the cost of the item once the order has been reviewed. All basic requests, upon receipt, may take 24 - 48 hours to complete depending on the current workload of the Emporium. 


Most individuals do not mind waiting in queue for their item to be completed within the 24 - 48 hour timeframe. For those that need the item(s) as soon as possible, Expedited Crafting can also be requested. These requests will essentially have a crafter stop what they are doing and work on the order. NOTE: Large, bulk orders can be expedited at the discretion of the Emporium.

  • Any order received between 10:00am and 11:00pm EST can be requested as an expedited craft.
  • Expedited Gear Requests will have an additional 20,000 gil fee added per item. 
  • Raw material pricing applies.
  • Large, bulk orders (raid food and potions) should be requested a minimum of three days in advance.
  • Any orders received outside of the above time frame will be assigned to a crafter the following day.


Single-item crafting requests can be done fairly quickly and should not have more-than a 24-hour completion time. Larger, more expensive, or more difficult crafting requests, such as the most recent tier of Disciple of War or Magic battle gear, could take a few days. Upon receipt of the request for an item to be made, The Crafting Emporium will advise on an approximate wait time. All orders will be completed in the order they were received to ensure fairness. Once the item is complete, the item will be delivered through your preferred method of transfer (/trade, Mogmail, etc). Once your order is complete, The Crafting Emporium will contact you about delivery in your preferred manner (/tell, MogMail, Discord)

**For a list of materials required for a crafted item, please visit


It is important to note that mistakes may happen on either side. This program is meant to help strengthen our community and provide a service for our members that is fair for both the members and the crafters / gatherers assisting with the program. If a mistake is made by a crafter, it will be noted and the Emporium will ensure the issue is corrected. A members' abuse of the system or crafters' kindness will result in them being unable to use the service any longer. If a member or crafter does not follow the guidelines above (a charges too much or a buyer does not pay for their item), it will be escalated to the Leadership Team for review.

If you are a crafter and want to help with the success of this program, please reach out to Draco Maximus or Istari Xiomar for further instructions! The more crafters and gatherers we have helping members of our Free Company, the better!

If you are a gatherer and want to help with the success of this program by contributing materials for the crafters to use for any items, you will be compensated 50% of the final cost of the item based on the above pricing structure. 


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