The Black Waltz Crafting Emporium


Have a need to gear yourself up? Looking to find that perfect glam? Want to send your friends a crafted gift? How about some new furnishings for your pad? Maybe you need some tips on how to hone your skills on crafting or gathering. Well, The Crafting Emporium is now open for all your crafting needs!

Here at The Crafting Emporium, we specialize in helping you get exactly what you need for your adventures in Eorzea. As a member of the Black Waltz Free Company, you can take advantage of the special “FC Member Discount.” Here are the details on how you can use your FC Membership to help get some crafted items for yourself or a friend.

***All gear will be crafted High Quality unless furnishings or specifically requested for Normal Quality.


  • If you provide 100% of the required materials, your cost is FREE!!!
  • If you provide 50% of the required materials, the cost of the craft will be 10% of the current Market Board price of the item, as long as the materials can be acquired through standard crafting or gathering practices.
  • If no materials are contributed, and the materials needed can be acquired through gathering or crafting, the price will be 50% of the current Market Board value of the item. This is merely to cover the cost of the materials.
  • If no materials are contributed to the craft, and the materials needed must be acquired through more complex means (tomestone purchases, Beast Tribe quests, Grand Company Seals, crafting or gathering scrips, etc.), the price of the craft will be 75% of the current Market Board value of the item.

Please Note: Primal weapons and items require rare drops from extreme primal fights, as well as demi-materia. For example, the flaming Inferno weapons require the Inferno Horn drop from Ifrit Extreme. If these items are provided, the total cost for the craft will be 10% of the current Market Board value of the item.


If you need something crafted, please send James Rock'it the request via Mogmail in-game, a private message in Discord, or use the "Crafting Request" text channel that has been added to the Free Company Discord Server. Please include in the request which item is needed and what materials you will be able to contribute. Alternatively, you can submit an order using the form below.

To prevent unnecessary crafting orders from being placed, please ensure that any materials that are going to be contributed to the craft are already in your inventory when placing the order. Once the order has been reviewed, The Crafting Emporium will request these items and provide the appropriate transfer method. If no materials are to be contributed, The Crafting Emporium will advise on the cost of the item once the order has been reviewed.


Single-item crafting requests can be done fairly quickly and should not have more-than a 24-hour completion time. Larger, more expensive, or more difficult crafting requests, such as the most recent tier of Disciple of War or Magic battle gear, could take a few days. Upon receipt of the request for an item to be made, The Crafting Emporium will advise on an approximate wait time.

All orders will be completed in the order they were received to ensure fairness. Once the item is complete, the item will be delivered through your preferred method of transfer (/trade, Mogmail, etc).

Once your order is complete, The Crafting Emporium will contact you about delivery in your preferred manner (/tell, MogMail, Discord)


In addition to providing crafting and gathering services, The Crafting Emporium also provides lessons to help you hone your skills as a Disciple of the Hand or Land! All lessons are completely FREE! If you feel there is something you would like to learn, please reach out to James Rock'it via /tell in-game, Mogmail, or Discord to coordinate a time to sit down and learn anything you need to know:

  • Crafting Basics & Rotations
  • Gathering Basics and Rotations
  • Deep-dive into Skills and Abilities
  • Crafing and Gathering Terminology
  • "Collectibles" for Rowena's House of Splendors
  • Best-in-Slot Gear and Materia Melds

Any questions regarding The Crafting Emporium can be directed towards James Rock’it or Istari Xiomar in whichever method of communication you prefer. We look forward to helping you with all of your crafting needs as you continue your adventures in Final Fantasy XIV.

**For a list of materials required for a crafted item, please visit


If you are a crafter and want to help with the success of this program, please reach out to James Rock'it for further instructions! The more crafters and gatherers we have helping members of our Free Company, the better!

If you are a gatherer and want to help with the success of this program by contributing materials for the crafters to use for any items, you will be compensated 50% of the final cost of the item based on the above pricing structure. 


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Please allow 24 - 48 hours for responses