The Black Waltz Membership Charter


 The Black Waltz Free Company is committed to providing a safe, positive gaming experience for all players. By being a member of The Black Waltz, you must adhere to the following rules in our Membership Charter:

1. Respect each other and the Free Company. We welcome any and all players, regardless of skill level or background. In addition, our members come from all personal backgrounds (LGBTQ+, heterosexual, pansexual, religious, etc.) and should be treated respectfully. Members who are rude, discriminatory, elitist, or who put down other players will not be tolerated. Our Free Company is a safe place for all players. If you have a problem with a member or situation, please reach out to a leader of the Free Company and they will help you resolve it. Leaders are noted with the "Flare” title in the Free Company member list.  

2. Keep a Positive Attitude. We know there will be times that you will be exhausted from dying, grinding, a long day at work, etc., but keeping a positive attitude and encouraging each other is key. At the end of the day, everyone is here to play a game and have fun together. Venting your frustrations is perfectly acceptable once in a while; however, this game is a haven and escape for some of our members who have hectic and stressful lives. Logging in and constantly seeing negative comments or outbursts by others will detract from a player's positive gaming experience. Always remember that helping players enjoy the game is one of the focal points of our Free Company.  

3. Keep Free Company communications spoiler-free. We all know that exciting feeling of playing a game for the first time. Some players like to be surprised and deserve to see things through a fresh set of eyes. There are times where you may get excited/angry from plot twists or main story content, but please refrain from spoiling it for those who are not as far as you. If you need to vent, please reach out to a member who has already been through the content and share your thoughts; many of them probably had the same reaction!

Please Note: If content information has been released by Square-Enix (i.e. patch notes), speaking about upcoming job or quality-of-life changes is perfectly fine as long as they don't reveal story content and/or fight mechanics. A good rule-of-thumb is that if Square-Enix does not officially release the information themselves (story content, fight mechanics), it's probably best to keep it out of Free Company communications.  

4. Help each other. Starting a new game can be overwhelming, especially if it is a large-scale MMO with a lot of content. If someone asks for help or advice regarding job skills, actions, or general content, do your best to help them. Being overwhelmed can cause a player to have a bad experience and we must do our best to ensure that this doesn't happen. If you see a new player (“sprout” icon) who is not part of a Free Company, reach out to them and see if they need help or a home. It is important to be mindful of who you are helping and what they are asking for - we want to help others, but not give carries or handouts. For example, we do not encourage giving people Gil simply because they asked for it.  

5. Keep hot topics to yourself. Free Company chat is not a vessel or pulpit to preach from. Please keep political, religious, or controversial debates low-key. If it's getting heated or people are uncomfortable it probably shouldn't be happening. If you really want to discuss something of this nature, do so privately.  

6. You can be lewd but don't be crude. Making adult jokes or comments is perfectly fine as long as you know your audience. If the jokes or innuendos are too graphic or are about severe and inappropriate topics, share them in private with those you know personally that will take the joke as intended. Everyone comes from a different personal background filled with different personal experiences. What you may think is a simple joke might be a trigger for a negative experience in someone's life or past.  

7. Take constructive criticism and advice gracefully. Many of us are Mentors and have been playing this game for a very long time. We will always ask if you would like us to share tips on how to be effective at the job you're playing prior to giving them, and as such this is not a personal attack on your skills as a player. We want you to be the best that you can be at the job you've chosen to play. Actively seeking out feedback and advice is encouraged.  

8. Agree to disagree. It’s perfectly fine to voice your opinions for something, but remember that everyone has their own. Please be mindful and respectful of this at all times. If emotions run high, remember that empirical evidence trumps anecdotes and feelings. Keep in mind that not everyone shares your opinions. Refrain from insulting something, saying something is stupid or gross, or any form of baiting out fights. You may state that you personally don't like or enjoy something, and explain your reasons, but NEVER trash on someone else's preferences. For example, saying that a specific job “sucks” because you don’t like it is not allowed as it would negatively affect a player who happens to enjoy playing that job.  

9. Participate. Our community within the Free Company can only grow stronger if we are adventuring together. The Free Company puts on weekly and monthly events in which all members are encouraged to participate. If you have an event idea you'd like to do, please reach out to any Leader within the Free Company. All competitive events must be screened by Leadership prior to being formally announced to the Free Company in order to ensure they are completely fair and accessible to all members.  

10. Open door policy.Please remember that The Black Waltz has an open door policy regarding questions, concerns, feedback, complaints, etc. If you ever have any questions about anything involving the Free Company, please reach out to Istari or any other leader. We take each and every complaint seriously and thus it is highly recommended that screenshots of inappropriate player comments be taken if you feel unwelcome or offended. If comments are made in Voice on our Discord channel, take note of the time and who was present as we want each and every member to feel valued and welcome.  

**Every rule listed above applies to both in-game FC chats and the Free Company Discord Server.** 


 1. Ultima/Flare - FC Leaders*

2. Good Samaritan - Winner of the monthly Good Samaritan Award

3. Comet - Member of the "Crafting Emporium" Free Company Program, tenured member and positive contributor to the Free Company.

4. Manaward - "The Black Waltz" welcoming committee who assist / follow-up with new members to the Free Company to ensure they are taken care of and feel welcome.

5. Meteor - Tenured Member and positive contributor to the Free Company.

6. Demi - FC Entry-level rank

7. Lvl. 50 Death - Members who have been offline for more-than 30-days and have not notified anyone that they will return. Members with this rank are removed from the FC after 50 days.

8. Lvl. 150 Sleep - Members who are taking a break from the game and have notified the leadership that they will be back at some point. This rank prevents removal from the FC due to inactivity for up-to 150 days.

*Leaders are active members of the Free Company who embody our Free Company Charter and are known to consistently promote positive, loving, and helpful environments.

**Note: All active ranks have access to turn on Free Company buffs in the event they fall off while leaders are in a duty or offline.** 


The Free Company Chest is meant to be a place where members can share items, crystals, and other materials with each other. The Free Company leadership team will try to ensure important things like crafting crystals, chocobo food, glamour materials, etc., are stocked at all time but any help with this by members is greatly appreciated. In order to support the growth of our Free Company and continue to supply our members with these important items, we encourage a free-access system where anyone can have what is in the FC Chest. 

  • “Demi” ranking members will have access to the first compartment of the chest.
  • "Meteor" Ranking members or higher will have full access to the first two compartments of the Free Company Chest, as well as the crafting crystals and materials.
  • "Comet" ranking members or higher will have full access to all compartments in the chest, as well as crafting crystals and materials. In addition, the third compartment of the Free Company Chest is reserved for rare materials to be used by members of "The Crafting Emporium" Free Company program.

Regardless of Free Company rank or program, all items in the Free Company chest are part of a free-access system. If you are a “Demi” ranking member and you would like something from a restricted compartment, please reach out to “Meteor” or higher members and they will get it for you. In addition, please remember that these items are meant to be shared and are for everyone, so please only take what is needed.

The Gil in the FC chest is only meant to fund FC events. Any contributions to this are welcomed and appreciated.