waltz in with a photograph...

The Perfect Picture...

Howdy, folks! We recognize that there is a lot of artistic talent all throughout Eorzea and we would like to use December to showcase another form of artistic talent: photography, Final Fantasy XIV style! This is the perfect opportunity to take snapshots of your character, the environment, NPCs, minions - the list goes on!

The Black Waltz has sought out and hired four judges with a strong background in photography and they will be using their expertise to evaluate the "photos" submitted as if they were real photos. Contestants should consider the following guidelines when snapping the perfect picture:


Composition 1-10

  • Is the picture pleasing to the eye?
    • A lot of times, this is based on instinct. 
  • Other essentials to take notice of:
    • Used an interesting emote/action 
    • Used an interesting facial expression
    • Depth of field was used successfully 
    • The screenshot is well balanced
    • There is not too much or too little of empty space
    • Lighting is used successfully
    • The screenshot draws the eye to the main focus 

Creativity 1-10

  • Did the photographer think outside of the box for the prompt given?
  • Did they use certain weapons, tools or minions in new creative ways? 
  • The screenshot was creatively cropped to enhance the image 
  • The image tells a story

Relevance 1-10 

  • Was the screenshot relevant to the theme? 
  • The screenshot’s choice of outfit is relevant
  • The screenshot’s landscape is relevant


  • All screenshots must be made in /gpose (group pose). 
  • Screenshots cannot use any of the following: 
    • Mods
    • ConceptMatrix
    • Gshade, Reshade, Stormshade, etc. 
    • Photoshop 
    • Any modifications out of in-game /gpose. 
  • These limitations are set to give a fair chance for everyone (Some people cannot use mods because they are on PS4 or they do not have Photoshop)!
    • Test your ability with /gpose by using creativity and tricks! 
  • Keep things PG-13!
  • Negativity or toxicity is not permitted from any participants and will result in disqualification from the contest. This event is meant to be fun and an exciting way to show off those screenshots skills!
  • Plagiarism is not permitted - the photo must be yours!
  • Photos can only be submitted by someone who is competing in the contest.


  • Participants may only submit one /gpose screenshot.
  • Photos should be submitted in The Black Waltz Discord server under "The Perfect Picture" channel - for access, please reach out to any member of The Black Waltz
  • Photos can be in any dimension as long as it represents what you are trying to capture.
  • Screenshots should be relevant to the theme of the contest; however, how it is interpreted is up to the photographer! 
  • Anything in the world is up for you to use in your pictures (NPCs, weather, monsters, dungeons, etc.)!
  • You are able to use anything for the screenshot: MogStation items, an entire set from a certain dungeon - just remember to be creative and to relate it to the theme.

Submission Deadline: Friday, December 27th, 2019

Winner Announced: Monday, December 30th, 2019

THEME: "Waltz into Winter"


  • 1st Place
    • 3,000,000 gil + Mogstation Mount + 60-day Time Card
  • 2nd Place
    • 1,500,000 gil + Mogstation Minion
  • 3rd Place
    • 1,000,000 gil + In-Game Minion

All Other Entries: 100,000 gil