Once upon a time there existed a free company by the name of "The Black Waltz", heralding from the great land of Eorzea. Nestled in the sleepy basin of Lavender Beds in the shade of the eldergrowth of the Twelveswood, this company boasted many a brave and talented individual whose tale had yet to be told...until now!

Join us for this adventure in story-telling and regail the times of old and new! For this event we want to hear your tales as the Warrior of Light, be them happy, sad, daring, or ridiculous. It's up to you! Share your story with your fellow noble warriors in this exciting text adventure.

Event Guidelines:

Event Start Date: 12:00 AM EST November 1st, 2019

Event End Date: 11:59 PM EST November 30th, 2019

Story Length: 1000-7500 word count

Story Topic: WoL Adventures

For this event, participants are invited to write a short story about events that they experienced in game, whether driven by the main storyline or by their own side adventures! You can make it a solo story or include fellow WoL or NPCs you interacted with, whatever best suits your creative whim!

All stories must be SFW/PG-13 in content (no graphic violence or sexual content please! Leave the lemons for your tea!) and follow the general rules of our FC charter. If you would like to write a story about your adventures in ShadowBringers content, we will simply flag your story with a spoiler warning.

The word count for your short story submission must be between 1000-7500 words, but if you wish to write something a bit longer you can! Please try not to exceed 10k words though, it IS a "short" story, after all! ;)

Stories must be written by YOU! We do not want plagiarism here! If you wish to include dialogue from the FFXIV MSQ or side quests for context in the story you can, but do not copy over entire sections of game content (we will be checking for this, any submissions found breaking these rules will be removed from the event).

Stories may be in any writing format you are most comfortable in, be it a descriptive or narrative story, a script, or poetry, so long as it's written in the blood of your enemies (just kidding on that last part).

To share your story, you can submit it in one of the following formats: .txt , .rtf, .doc , or a link from Google Docs (I do not have access to Dropbox). Please PM your submissions on Discord to Mufinella Pemstein before November 30th to have your story shared with the FC! 

Submissions will be posted on the Black Waltz website for all to view.