Who Can Participate: Members of The Black Waltz Free Company

Enter By: July 30th 

Assignments Handed Out By: July 31st 

Submission Deadline: August 31st, 11:59 PM EST 

Publishing Date: September 1st

You are invited to participate in The Black Waltz' first annual Summer Art Event! Come join us for our first official art trade event, featuring YOU GUYS! Share your love for art, be it hand-drawn, painted, crafted, or digitally rendered.

This year’s theme is: SUMMER! Get yourself geared up in your favorite summer outfit and take some screenshots to share with your art trade partner. Glam it up, ham it up, but most of all HAVE FUN! OR if you would like to have your favorite NPC depicted for the event, that’s cool too!


  • Participants will be randomly paired together for the event by the moderators.
  • Keep your assignment a secret. It’ll be more fun to make it a surprise later for everyone - think of it like a "Summer Secret Santa!"
  • The theme is: Summertime. It’s a suggestion, not a requirement, so feel free to follow your muse. Just be sure it involves the requested subject of the piece. :D
  • Your trade must be art-related and made by you; however that does not exclude crafts like sewing, woodcraft, traditional art, painting, etc. 
  • Reference pictures will be collected by and sent out by the mods. 
    • If you request your WoL as the subject of art, mods will be contacting you for reference pictures of your characters via Discord (please be sure to be a part of our server so we know how to find you!). Be prepared to send reference pictures ASAP, if you do not provide references for the outfit you want depicted, a screenshot of your character via Lodestone will be shared instead. 
    • If you request an NPC for the subject, please provide a screenshot/reference photo of said NPC and preferred summertime attire (can share the name of the in-game garment) or leave it up to the artist to dress them!
  • Please follow through with your submissions!
    • If you cannot finish a trade due to extenuating circumstances, please contact via Discord: Waffer Nutella, Diana Starborn, or Mufinella Pemstein before the Submission Deadline. 
    • If you do not contact the mods before the deadline and fail to submit finished art, you will be blocked from future art trade events. 
    • If you DO contact the mods before the deadline and are withdrawn from the trade, you will not be blocked from the next trade event. You will however be required to submit a Work In Progress during the halfway mark for the next trade as proof of progress. 
  • Withdrawn trades will be managed by one of the mods of the event to find eligible members to exchange with or find an alternative solution. Resolution will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • All artwork must be Safe For Work (PG!) and follow The Black Waltz Charter for conduct.
  • All art submissions will be viewable VIA the Black Waltz Discord at the end of the event. Members will be pinged to see their surprise art trades.
  • Any questions about the event can be directed to either: Waffer Nutella, Diana Starborn, or Mufinella Pemstein via Discord.

Disclaimer: This event is strictly an exchange of art and not a competition. Final productions will not be judged as it is recognized that artists have varied levels of skill. We want everyone comfortable enough to participate - even those who may feel as though they are amateurs in the art world! Please share your art and your passion of art with each other!