Teams will have a limited time to decipher the clues provided and acquire a random in-game item that the clue is describing. 

Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019 @ 8:00pm EST

Estate Basement



Compete head-to-head against your fellow Jenovians in the return of the Eorzean Circuit Footrace: Heavensward Zone edition!

Friday Sept. 27, 2019 @ 10:00pm EST

Estate Basement



Clues, clues, CLUES!

Each team will have a limited time to decipher the clues provided and acquire a random in-game item that the clue is describing. Teams can be comprised of up-to 3* players, but the Scavenger Hunt can also be done on your own. 

*Note: In the event that there are leftover participants, they may be paired up with existing teams to promote teamwork and ensure no one is left behind.

Date: Sunday, September 1, 2019 @ 8:00pm EST


  1. 15 minutes prior to the event start time, players will congregate in the Free Company Estate basement to organize into teams. Pre-arranged teams are perfectly acceptable, but it is encouraged that veteran players team up with new players to ensure they also have a fair chance at winning. Once teams are created and recorded by the event coordinator, any players remaining without a team may be added to existing teams at random.
  2. Each team must designate one person to turn in the item and provide the NPC name from which it was acquired from. If the designated person disconnects from the game randomly, an alternate team member may provide the name of the item and the NPC to the event coordinator. The disconnected player must provide the physical item as soon as they reconnect to the game in order for the hunt to continue.
  3. At the beginning of each round, a clue will provided in an event linkshell created specifically for the event. After the clue is announced, no other information or hints will be provided and it is entirely up to the teams to decipher the clue. Once a clue is released, each team will have 10 minutes to decipher the clue, obtain the item, and return to the Free Company Estate to trade the item to the event coordinator. If all teams have returned and submitted their items prior to the time limit, the round will end after the final item is turned in. 
  4. Once all teams have submitted an item, or the 10-minute timer ends, the correct answer will be revealed. If your team has not submitted an item prior-to the timer ending, you forfeit the round and your team will receive 0 points. Your team may resume the next round. 
  5. After a round is concluded, the next clue will be given out immediately. The Scavenger Hunt will be completed once all clues have been revealed and the final item has been turned in / final round timer has expired. 
  6. In the event of a tie, a final clue will be provided and the first team to provide the correct item will win!


  1. Using the marketboard to acquire the item is prohibited. Each team must decipher the clues and trade the item to the event coordinator in the Free Company Estate yard, while sending a private message indicating which Non-Playable Character they retrieved the item from. Many NPCs may carry this item, but only one needs to be provided when the item is traded. The event coordinator will have a list of all NPCs that sell the item in the game to verify that the information is correct!
  2. Each team must submit one item, and one item only. Once a team has submitted an item, it is final and cannot be changed so choose carefully!
  3. Points are awarded to the team with the first correct item submission and no additional points are awarded if the team is the first to submit an item. Take your time, and try to decipher the clues! Most are difficult and will take time to decipher logically. 
  4. Only one clue will provided each round. If English is not your first language, we will try our best to explain or re-word the clue in a way that is easier to understand. In addition, our Free Company is host to a large variety of people and it’s likely that someone in the Free Company does speak your native language. Let us know if you feel that this would be something you would need for this event prior to it starting and we will do our best to accomodate.
  5. If you need assistance with teleport fees or vendor costs for the items, please let us know in advance and one member of your team will be provided a stipend to port and make purchases!
  6. All items can be purchased from low-level vendors throughout the game for less-than 1000 gil. 


1st Place: 750,000 gil per team member + Mogstation Minion

2nd Place: 500,000 gil per team member + In-game Minion

3rd Place: 250,000 gil per team member 

All Participants: 100,000 gil

Additional bonus prizes may be awarded in an honourable mentions category for any of the following:

- Team whose item was the weirdest

- Team whose item was so clever that the coordinators didn't think of it

- Team whose item was so close, but not close enough

If you would like to participate in this event, please reach out to Istari in-game.


In order to deter cheating by using the marketboard for purchases, the event coordinator and Free Company volunteers will be posting all answer items on the market board at random prices. Any purchased item from the market board by a team within this event will result in that teams disqualification from the entirety of the event. 


Additional Information

On Friday, September 27th, 2019 at 10:00pm EST the Black Waltz Free Company invites you to join us in the return of the Jenova Eorzean Circuit foot race where you can compete head-to-head against your fellow Jenovians in a race to the finish line! 

This will be no easy feat to accomplish! Participants must enter the race on a job that is below level 10. If that seems a little too easy, you’ve thought correctly! The race will take place in high-level areas within the Heavensward Expansion where enemies could easily knock you out of the race. If you thought speed was your strength - you must also consider stealth and caution in order to avoid enemies! Additionally, due to popular demand, we have returned to our classic rules for this event!

Race courses will be announced on the day of the event. Each course will have a checkpoint that each team must pass before proceeding to the finish line (a volunteer, non-racing participant will be at the checkpoint to ensure each team passes by).

Each racer will be paired up with a high-level healer or RDM who will be able to bring them back into the race using Raise, Resurrection, Verraise or Ascend. Please note that these spells must be slow-cast and use of Swiftcast or Dualcast are forbidden. In addition, these partners may not pass their racers in the field and raise them ahead of where they died. Raise spells must be cast on the body of the fallen racer. Lastly, regens or any other skill the re-directs aggro or enmity from a racer to their healing partner are not allowed.


  1. The job you use in the race as a racer must be below level 10. Note: Crafting jobs also work as long as they are below this level.
  2. Stealth skills are not allowed to be used, nor are any skills that provide a shield or immunity from an attack. Use of Aldoquium, Divine Benison and Aspected Benefic will be viewed as cheating and result in disqualification from the race.
  3. Mounts are not allowed due to mount speeds varying through side-quest content - the entire race must be on foot.
  4. Jobs with speed-enhancing traits cannot be used (Ninjas are granted a trait that improves movement speed). Likewise, speed-enhancing skills, like Fists of Wind, are also forbidden. A Bard/Machinist’s Peloton would also be forbidden.
  5. Sprint can be used whenever you want - but it cannot be extended by any job skills (Astrologian’s Celestial Opposition extends buffs, including sprint, for 10 more seconds).
  6. If you want to be a racer and don’t have a job below level 5, consider using an alt just for the race! Let the coordinators know what character your alt is representing. 

 If you are in the lead and die from an enemy, you may still have a chance - your partner will be running alongside to raise you. There will be five race tracks announced prior to the event start time in the Black Waltz Free Company Discord.

The first-place team of each race will receive 20 points per race. The second-place will receive 15 points per race, and the third-place team will receive 10 points. All other teams will receive 5 points. The team with the highest score at the end of the five races will win the grand prize!


Grand Prize: Mogstation Mount and 5,000,000 gil (each).
2nd Place: 2,000,000 gil (each).
3rd Place: 750,000 gil (each).
All Participants: 100,000 gil (each)

If you would like to participate, please sign up by letting Istari Xiomar know in-game or via Discord (IstariX#1523). If you don’t have a job below level 5, you can still participate as a raising partner! Or, if neither of these are for you and you still want to volunteer to help, we need referees to ensure players are abiding by the rules! If you would like to participate in any way mentioned, you will be given access to the Black Waltz Free Company Discord server to see the race tracks, which will be released the day of the race!

**Note: Due to latency, the winner(s) are determined by which team crosses the finish line on my screen first - races will be recorded for any disputes. In addition, the sole purpose of a raiser is to bring racers back from the dead - they are not allowed to interfere with the race in any manner, including killing enemies before they hit their partners. If you do not have access to Heavensward Zones for this event, we apologize but you will not be able to partake in this event. Don't fret, though! We have many races planned for the future!