november 2019 events

Hide and Seek: Black Waltz Free Company Edition

Are you an expert at blending in? Did you like to play classic children's games when you were growing up? This is the event for you! Join us for an evening of fun and adventure as we utilize the many Free Company rooms in a large-scale hide and seek event!

Friday, November 22, 2019 @ 10pm EST

The Black Waltz Estate

Waltz' Got Talent

Do you have a hidden talent? Are you crying to have your inner thespian heard? Do you have a poem that is waiting to escape? Is your inner musician singing a song inside you? This is the time for you to shine! 

Friday, November 29, 2019 @ 10pm EST

Estate Basement & Free Company Discord

Tales of a Waltz...

 Once upon a time there existed a free company by the name of "The Black Waltz", heralding from the great land of Eorzea. Nestled in the sleepy basin of Lavender Beds in the shade of the eldergrowth of the Twelveswood, this company boasted many a brave and talented individual whose tale had yet to be told...until now! 

Event Timeline

Event Start:  Nov. 1, 2019 @ 12am EST

Event End: Nov. 30, 2019 @ 11:59pm EST

Story Length: 1000-7500 word count

Story Topic: WoL Adventures


Hide and Seek: Black Waltz Free Company Edition

Returning this November to The Black Waltz Free Company is another edition of Hide and Seek. That's right - one of your favourite childhood games is happening right here in our own backyard! Well, not exactly...

This game of Hide and Seek will take place in the Free Company Estate and members' private rooms over 5 rounds** of play. 15-minutes prior to the event start time, a player / players will be randomly chosen to be IT by the event coordinator utilizing a randomized draw. Furthermore, for every 10 participants, there will be one person who is IT. When the event starts, the person / people who are IT will utilize the main foyer of the Free Company Estate to initialize a countdown of 100 seconds. This will give participants who are hiding 100 seconds to find a Free Company Member's private room to hide in. 

Players who are hiding must ensure they hide within the boundaries of a private room and also that they use furniture for its intended purpose. For example, "glitching" out of the boundaries of the room is not allowed, and players are able to hide behind furniture, but cannot glitch inside of it. A point system will determine winners and prizes for both players who are IT and for players who are trying to not be found. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker round will take place to determine winners. The tie breaker round will have its own set of “sudden death” rules. 


  1. Each round will begin with the person / people who are IT standing in the main foyer of the Free Company Estate while each player will have 100-seconds to "hide." 
  2. Players who are hiding will be in a party with an event judge and must indicate via party chat which room they have decided to hide in prior to the end of the 100-second countdown. Hiding players are not allowed to change rooms once they have posted in party chat which room they have chosen; however, they can utilize the 100-seconds to change rooms until they find one suitable to hide in before finalizing the room choice via party chat. 
  3. After the countdown has ended, the player / players who are IT  will then have 15 minutes** to located and TAG the hiding players. A TAG occurs when the player / players who are IT successfully initiate a /trade with the hiding player. 
  4. The round will conclude when all hiding players have been found, or the 15-minute timer has elapsed. The first player(s) found will be IT in the next round under the same calculation mentioned above: for every 10 players, 1 person will be IT.
  5. At the end of each round, points will be tallied and the next round will begin with the next 100-second countdown. Players who have successfully remained hidden can choose the same room they chose the previous round, or a completely new one. 
  6. Players who are IT will be in a party with the event coordinator. When a person who is IT chooses a Free Company Estate room to search, they will indicate which room in party-chat to the event coordinator. When a person is found, they will mention which player they've found and the coordinator will be able to reference the room and player via a private Linkshell shared with the judges for confirmation. 
  7. Once all rounds have completed, the winner(s) will be announced in the Free Company Estate basement auditorium. 

Please do not mention the hiding places of those in your party with anyone who is IT. This will ensure the event remains fun and fair. 

**For every 10 participants, the timer in which the IT players have to find the hiders will be reduced by 2.5 mins and an additional round will be added to a maximum of 10 rounds and a minimum of 5 minutes per round. 


Players who are IT

  • Each person you find and TAG within the 5-minutes will award you 2 points. 

Players who are hiding:

  • Players who are not found and TAGGED after the 5 minutes per round has elapsed will be awarded 10 points. The player who was tagged last each round will receive 7 points and 2nd-to-last will receive 5 points. 
  • If all players are found and TAGGED, points will be assigned in a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd point scale system where the last person TAGGED receives 10 points, 2nd to last 7 points, and 3rd to last 5 points.
  • All players that are TAGGED that do not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will receive 3 points. 


1st place - 3,000,000 gil

2nd place – 1,000,000 gil

3rd place – 500,000 gil


In the event of a tie between players, a sudden death round will be called. A randomized number generator will determine which player is IT and which player(s) will be hiding. The IT player will begin a 60-second countdown from the Free Company Foyer and the hider(s) will choose a room to hide in following the same guidelines as above. The player who is IT  will then have 10 minutes to seek out the other player. If the hider is not found within the 10 minutes, he will be declared the winner. If the player who is IT does find the person who is hiding, the person who is IT will be declared the winner. 



On Friday, November 29, 2019 at 10:00PM EST we will be hosting our annual Black Waltz talent competition! However, unlike other similarly named competitions, we will not have any red buzzers to intimidate or scare people from potentially performing!

The possibilities are endless as to what you can showcase as your "talent;" you can do whatever you like to try and impress the judges!

Here are some examples as to what you may consider doing:

"Performing" as a Bard
Reciting a Poem
Performing a Skit or monologue
Show-casing in-game fashion you put together
...or anything else you think worthy!

There are no restrictions on what you can show so let your creativity shine!

Each "talent" will be judged awarded points in the following three categories:

1) Originality (is this piece original or unique)
2) Performance (was the performance memorable)
3) Presentation (how engaging was the piece/did the player use additional effects/emotes/atmosphere to add to their talent)

Each category will be graded out of 10 points for a total of 30 points per judge.

Here is what you could win:

First-Place: 1,500,000 Mogstation Mount
Second-Place:  1,000,000 gil and Mogstation Minion
Third-Place: 500,000 gil

All other contestants will receive 100,000 Gil.

A lot of our members have many hidden talents and this is great way for them to show us what they have!


  1. Each piece must last 60 seconds at minimum. If your talent is related to drawing / art, you can use the time to speak about the inspiration for your piece. Additionally, if you are submitting art for the contest, please inform Istari ahead of time so a special channel can be created in Discord for the submission. Please note: this is a competition so the piece will be judged under the above guidelines.
  2. Group entries ARE allowed and the prizes will be split equally between the group. Note: Only one Mogstation item will be awarded regardless of solo or group act. If a duo is submitting art or a drawing, it must be one piece from each member of the group and the piece(s) must make sense / support each other.
  3. Talent must be performed LIVE in-game and cannot be pre-recorded; however, if you wish to showcase singing as a talent, this will be done in our FC Discord voice-server. Singing entries must be arranged with event coordinator before-hand to ensure judges have Discord access. 
  4. Using third-party programs to use "Performance" as a Bard is not allowed.
  5. Access to housing lighting to enhance your performance is allowed.
  6. All in-game items, emotes, or anything else that is available in game are allowed to be included in your talent to enhance the performance.