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Feedback from our members is incredibly important to us; we want to evolve and grow as our player-base evolves and grows. With the influx of content from the expansion and further content patches, player focus tends to change over time and we want to be there to help with our members' needs. 

If you are a member of our Free Company and have an idea, a suggestion or feedback, please use the form below. All feedback is important, and anything that is brought to our attention we will strive to change for the better. The ideals of our Free Company have always been to ensure our members' happiness and enjoyment of Final Fantasy XIV as much as possible. 

If you do not wish to share your personal email, you can use the Free Company Email listed below instead!

If we are doing something that you really like and would like to see more of, please tell us! If you think there's something we are doing that isn't working, please let us know! If you have an event idea, we would love to hear it! You can also tell us what we're doing that's good, and even share what you think we're doing that's bad. We can only grow and be better through constant feedback.

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