MARCh 2020 Events

The Black Waltz Footrace v. 3

Returning to The Black Waltz is one of our most popular Free Company Events: the Eorzean Circuit Footrace! These races pit teams of two against each other in a footrace to the finish while dodging dangerous enemies. 

Friday, March 27, 2020 @ 10pm EST

The Black Waltz Estate Basement

Free Company Room Decorating Contest

This annual Free Company Event is a test of your designing skills to see who has what it takes to be labelled Designer Extraordinaire! A theme is chosen an participants must design their Free Company room to reflect the theme!

All Month Long

Deadline: April 30, 2020*

*Extended to end of April


The black waltz footrace v. 3

On Friday, March 27th, 2020 at 10:00pm EST the Black Waltz Free Company  invites you participate in a foot race where you  can compete head-to-head against your fellow Free Company members in a race to the finish.

This will be no easy feat to accomplish! Participants must enter the  race on a job that is *below* level 10. If that seems a little too easy,  you’ve thought correctly! The race will take place in high-level areas  where enemies could easily knock you out of the race. If you thought  speed was your strength - you must also consider stealth and caution in  order to avoid enemies!

Race courses will be announced on the day of the event. 

Each racing team will comprise of two members: a racer, and a "raiser." Each racer will be paired with a high-level mage that has the ability to revive them in the event they become incapacitated and all raise spells must be cast without swiftcast or dualcast buffs. All incapacitated racers must be revived on or before their point of death - not ahead. 

NOTE: A "raiser" is not allowed to interfere with the race in any way and is not allowed to pass their partner on the course. Shields, regens, and attacking enemies to keep your partner alive are not allowed. A "raiser" is strictly meant to raise their partner in the event of a death to keep the race going. 


  1. The job you use in the race as a racer must be below level 10. Note:  Crafting jobs also work as long as they are below this level.
  2. Stealth skills are not allowed to be used, nor are any skills that  provide a shield or immunity from an attack. Use of Aldoquium, Divine  Benison and Aspected Benefic will be viewed as cheating and result in  disqualification from the race.
  3. Mounts are not allowed due to mount speeds varying through side-quest content - the entire race must be on foot!
  4. Jobs with speed-enhancing traits cannot be used (Ninjas are granted a  trait that improves movement speed). Likewise, speed-enhancing skills,  like Fists of Wind, are also forbidden. A Bard/Machinist’s Peloton would  also be forbidden.
  5. Sprint can be used whenever you want!
  6. If you want to be a racer and don’t have a job below level 5,  consider creating an alt just for the race! Let the coordinators know  what character your alt is representing.  
  7. All raise spells must be slow-cast - no swiftcast or dualcast is permitted!
  8. "Raisers" are not permitted to pass their partner on the course at any time. Any revived team members must pick up from the spot they died.

If you are in the lead and die from an enemy, you may still have a  chance - your partner will be running alongside to raise you! There will be six race courses in total, with a bonus course to be announced after the sixth course is completed. Scores are awarded based on which racer crosses the finish line of each course first. The team with the highest combined score at the end of the races will win  the grand prize!


  • 1st Team to Cross Finish Line: 20 points
  • 2nd Team to Cross Finish Line: 15 Points
  • 3rd Team to Cross Finish Line: 10 Points
  • All Others: 5 Points


  • Grand Prize: 2,500,000 gil + Mogstation Mount (Each)
  • 2nd Place: 1,000,000 gil + Mogstation Minion (Each)
  • 3rd Place: 750,000 gil + In-game Minion (Each)

If you would like to participate, please sign up by letting Istari  Xiomar (me) know. If you don’t have a job below level 10, you can still  participate as a raising partner! Or, if neither of these are for you  and you still want to volunteer to help, we need referees to ensure  players are abiding by the rules! If you would like to participate in  any way mentioned, you will be given access to the Black Waltz FC  Discord server to see the race tracks, which will be released the day of  the race!

NOTE: Due to latency, the winner(s) are determined by which team  crosses the finish line on my screen first - races will be recorded for  any disputes. In addition, the sole purpose of a raiser is to bring  racers back from the dead - they are not allowed to interfere with the  race in any manner, including killing enemies before they hit their  partners. 


Room decorating contest - 2020 edition

Hello, everyone! I am proud to announce our March & April 2020 Free Company Event: Room Decorating Contest! All month long for the month of March members are encouraged to release their inner designer!  We will be hiring judges to use the judging form at the bottom of this event notice to grade designer skills!

Participants must also be a 2nd Lieutenant in your Grand Company to purchase a  room. Additionally, furniture can be expensive if purchased it from the market board, but a lot of furniture is available from NPCs for a significantly lower cost! On top of this, there are several members in the Free Company that can usually craft pieces for participants at very low prices, sometimes lower than that of the NPCs.

Filling a room does not necessarily mean that that participant will have  an advantage. In fact, the judging form is created in such a way that participants are awarded points for using LESS furniture - this gives every  player an equal chance at winning. Members can look at the judging form  below to get an understanding of what the judges will be looking for.

Everyone has a strong chance to win! If you would like your room added to the judging list / would like to participate, please notify Istari in advance. The deadline to submit your room for judgement is April 30, 2020. The winning room will be announced during the Monday, May 4th, 2020 Lottery draw at 11:00pm EST!

THEME: High Class Society*

*This theme can be represented in any way that a member interprets it, as long as it falls into a "high class" nature.


  1. Use of Space: Does the room feel crowded? Too bare? Is the room  uniquely designed (i.e. use of partitions, half partitions, et cetera)? POSSIBLE POINTS: 1 - 10.
  2. Use of Colour: Do the colours meld well together? Are there any  clashing colours/designs? Does the room have colour? Do the colours  flow? POSSIBLE POINTS: 1 - 10.
  3. Theme: Is the theme well-represented? Did the designer follow through with the theme requirements? POSSIBLE POINTS: 1 - 10.
  4. Use of Budget: Did the participant used the least amount of furniture to achieve the desired look?** POSSIBLE POINTS: 1 - 10.

**This is meant to give players who cannot afford lots of a furniture a fair chance at winning. Players who max-out the item limit for their room should receive less points for this category.

All points will be added up and the participant who has the highest score at the end of the judging will be declared the winner. 


  • Grand Prize: 5,000,000 gil
  • 2nd Place: 2,500,000 gil
  • 3rd Place: 1,000,000 gil
  • All Participants: 100,000 gil

Happy decorating!